Leben einer Träumerin
My life is brilliant... what about yours?

It's Saturday...

5 days out of school and soo much fun.
I'm so happy about everything...!!!
Everything turned around and rather everything to the best side for me...
so nice!! Live life light ;-)

Yesterday we were in the cinema and looked pirates of the carribean...
I was sitting between andi and john and I was the happiest girl
looking around there... doesn't matter that i was the only one ;-)

Today I went swimming and then had a long breakfast in the city...
soo awesome =) chilling and living :-P  sun came down and we had
a nice talk... thanks for the morning!!

This evening I'll go to the "schützenfest" in "Dannenbüttel". Hope it
will be as nice as the days before... i will tell you, promise ;-) 
I am so happy to go with vito cause i didn't do much with here the
last few weeks... will be soo funny and great to dance and meet all
the other ones and especially kathas guy ^^ hope so :-P

in almost 4 weeks anna will be back and that will be soooo great!!!!!
I'm counting the days every morning when I wake up (33 atm ;-) )
We'll have soo much fun in the summer I promise you!! It will be great =) <3 Love you hon!!!

Sadly, Vito will go back home... =( But I want to visit her and I hope
I can do that!!  i will miss her  so much!!
From her I learnt whats the real meaning of being nice to someone and
what's really important... She was such a sunshine in the one year
she had to live with us...!!

The last think I have to tell all of you:
I minimate my weight!!! ^^
Doing so much sports and eating not that much but healty turned me
to 5 kilo less than before a month... and I see it =) great!!

Hope some of you will write comments babes...
love you all!! <3

26.5.07 17:56

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