Leben einer Träumerin
Our friendship is over now...

I tried to forget you,
but id didn't work
I tried to talk with you about us
but you didn't listen
Now I try the other way.

I don't listen to you
I don't talk to you that much
and I don't see you in the evening.

But now it didn't work either cause
you don't understand what's up with us
And I say you again and again.
Your are loosing me.... along thist ime...
becaue I just try to forget with not talking to you.
Cause thats the only way for me.
The others don't work,
cause you are that important for me

But I don't want anymore...
you hurt me , and hurt me , and hurt me
again and again.

Andi -
its over.

24.4.07 19:33

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Ich danke euch dafür
dass ihr für mich da seid!! <3



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